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What is custom website design?

What is custom website design?

custom website design is when a designer crafts an experience from scratch, based on your inputs. It isn’t taking a design off the shelf and amending it. Our  web design team focuses on learning about your business, your requirements, and crafting experiences with all of that background information in mind.

Why custom website design?

Many web “designers” are simply taking off-the-shelf themes and modifying them. They then sell you these as designs “unique” to your business. Our team of talented design professionals will handcraft a custom experience, just for you. You will be exactly like no one else.

What are the benefits?

First, a custom web design allows the project to closely branding of the organization. The canvas is literally blank, so the designer creating the new web presence can maintain a connection with the overall branding. Secondly, custom projects can have templates that are designed specifically for your purposes. So an e-commerce site selling specialized products can have a page dedicated to specific items that is moulded to the product at hand. This can mean the difference between a sale and a lost visitor.

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