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A significant SEO factor for Google is the speed at which your website downloads. In effect, slower websites are penalized with lower page rankings. Therefore, it is crucial that your website downloads data as quickly as possible to all kinds of devices—large and small.

Google provides a test instrument by which websites can assay their own download speeds. Aptly named PageSpeed, it incorporates a scale between zero and 100 to rate your website speed, and 85 is considered the minimum passing score.

If Your Website is Slow, You’re Losing Business!

Does your website load in 2 seconds? If not, you’re not meeting expectations. When that happens, people “bounce” off your website and move on to the next result on the list.

Google knows this and they measure it. They measure how quickly your website loads, how much time people spend on it (“dwell time”) and if they instantly leave your page or not (the bounce rate).

If your website does the best with those stats (among others), then you’ll get a good ranking. If not, you’re lower on the list or buried on page 3 (or worse).

Your slow website hurts you in these ways:

  • Poor User Experience
  • You Only Have a Few Seconds to Grab People’s Attention
  • Bad for Search Engine Rankings
  • You’ll Pay More for AdWords
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