SMS Gateway

An SMS Gateway as the name suggests is a channel which enables a computer to send/receive SMS to or from a telecom network, eventually routed to the mobile phones. It translates the messages which are in user-friendly application’s language to the mobile carrier compatible languages for the delivery over transmission networks to be able to reach the recipients. This whole process happens in a matter of seconds and the message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

SMS Gateways have made it a really easy and quick job to send SMS to a large number of recipients (mass recipients) spread across the world.

Benefits of SMS Gateway

  • Faster System: Gateways enable you with a large variety of channels where you can make your systems faster without worrying about the connectivity with different telecom networks.
  • Easier ProcessingNow that compatibility is no more an issue, processing becomes a lot easier.
  • Effective Cost : SMS Gateways are very cost effective especially when your SMS have mass recipients.
  • SecureWith SMS Gateways, your system becomes more robust and secure.
  • Lesser DowntmeThe robustness of SMS Gateways ensure a very low rate of downtime makes the system lot more efficient.
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