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Top ten most popular FAQs

Why you should choose Cloud Timon ?

CloudTimon Private Limited chooses highly skilled Website designers, web developers, Digital Marketing executives, Software Engineers who have 3+ years experience in technological expertise for completing the project. They will suggest you with innovative ideas and solutions that will be best for your organization.
At first, our team of Business Analysts analyses the needs of the software project requirement and then decides the quote, It involves documentation of all the requirements, prototype creation, product development and testing, market release, integration with existing business practices, and ongoing technical support. Even though it will be a kind of offshore software outsourcing, you will never feel that you are working with a team from another part of the globe.

Why should I choose web development companies in India?

Developing a secure and scalable web application is the need for an hour, but you need a certain degree of expertise when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. Such expertise is available in a web development company.
Hiring a web app development company in India can be a great idea when developing a complicated website to attract and convert customers. Website development is a reasonably economical proposition in today’s world, especially when we see its outcomes.
Just take a sneak-peak into the benefits of hiring a web development company in India for your online business.
• Lowers the Development Cost
No doubt, Web development is a costly affair. Of course, there are third party agencies that provide web development services at a reasonable price. If you want your budget not to be volatile and want more on a fixed budget, then a web development company in India would be the best option for you.
If you live in India, outsourcing on-shore would be financially correct. You are not required to increase your budget due to currency price difference. For people outside India, it is even better. Western countries such as the US, Australia, have lower currency value than Indian currency. So you only have to pay a reasonable amount to get a unique website.
• Pay Attention to Details
If you have an excellent design with a home page and a nice logo, you are excited about your new online journey. Let me assure you that this will be a tremendous fail.
Paying attention to details is the secret here to shine over the internet and social media platforms. More importantly, the accountability of every detail counts.
A certified web development company will always have a firm mouth to be courteous and offer ideas for any problem. With each stage of the website development, a follow-up with the client is a must. The company should take this measure to ensure that they are moving on the right track.
• Offers Quality Work
Apart from cost-effectiveness, India’s web app development company is hard-working and adopts a user-friendly approach to build your website. They understand a wide variety of businesses. Websites are made, keeping in mind the importance of SEO techniques, target audience, coding standards, and accountability.
That’s the main reason why web development companies in India are considered better than others. Experience matters a lot, and it brings quality work with it. They will not disappoint you in terms of quality work and service.
• Provides After Service
Your website must be alive 24/7. Therefore, proper maintenance and improvement are required at regular intervals. Here, updating content is not a big deal. The administrator itself can do this. Significant issues such as downtime, non-functioning buttons or menus, not redirecting links to the correct web page, or any problems related to the user-experience need to be resolved.
Therefore, it is vital to keep the website up and live. Some web development companies in India provide free maintenance for a few months as their complimentary service.

How to choose good IT Company?

Choosing the best IT outsourcing development company is always been a difficult process as you have to look at various points. You can’t skip anything; otherwise, your investment will go in vain. Today there are thousands of IT firms available in the market and selecting the best out of these is a bit critical. But you can sort this process with a few simple steps.
1. Strict Non-disclosure agreement
While hiring IT company always make sure that they sign strict Non-disclosure agreements with their clients and developers. It’s important because it secures the confidentiality of your project and creates reliability.
2.Bug-free Coding
It’s an obvious thing on which you should never have to make a compromise because that’s the main reasons you are hiring them to avoid bugs and mistakes. And, all such mistakes are likely to occur when you get it done by your in-house team. So, make sure that the company you will hire should be an expert in writing bug-free codes.
3.Profound Experience
The next important thing that lies in the queue is experience. Make sure that you are partnering with holds significant years of experience and never forget to check their portfolio to have a better idea.
4.Affordable Price
Now comes a primary concern i.e. budget. The development charge should lie in your budget. And, the best company will always charge you an affordable price that never let you dig deeper in your pocket.
5.On-Time Delivery
The last but not the least point you should check is time. Make sure that a company you have hired assures you an on-time project delivery.
So, all these are the significant points that you should consider while hiring an IT Outsourcing Company.

Why SEO takes major place in digital marketing?

SEO is necessary for all businesses and matters for the following reasons:

  • SEO improves search rankings
  • SEO connects businesses and content creators to their target audience
  • SEO provides valuable data about users, competitors, and their behavior
  • SEO can help both online and local businesses
  • SEO improves overall user experience
  • SEO is free and helps build a long-term audience

What other SEO services do you offer?

We offer a 360-degree approach to internet marketing – our services cover the full-suite from conceptualization to strategy and execution. We can help you design your website or app, conduct SEO for improvements, run paid advertising campaigns, optimize your conversions, build new content, and /or manage your online reputation.

What makes Cloud Timon the best SEO company in Hyderabad?

As a leading SEO services company, we enable growth  keeping your individual needs in mind. With decades of experience and a diverse client portfolio, we’re expertise in providing customized SEO. We offer our services at an affordable cost and work with you as long-term partners in your success.  You can choose our customized SEO servicers depending upon your requirements or Contact Us if you need a Custom Quote.

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