Landing page Design

Blaze the front page of your digital firm with landing page design

When there’s so much said and written about what a successful landing page should comprise of, it’s easy to lose focus on your primary purpose and get carried away with the non-essentials. The intent of a landing page is predicated on the notion of nudging the visitors to take an action (whether you want them to sign up your newsletter or buy your products or fill online enquiry forms). In order to charm them, it is important that your visuals and text work in unison and not in isolation.

The CloudTimon Private Limited

As one of the leading landing page designing companies in India, we have perfected the process of forging impactful landing pages. Our creative troops work with you to better understand your visitors’ preferences, interests, and lifestyles and designs landing pages that help you achieve your goals. Our clients choose us for designing their landing pages as we:

  • Pay Special Attention to Consumer Psychographics.
  • Craft Well-Defined Call-to-Actions.
  • Incorporate Compelling Design Elements.
  • Optimize Landing Pages For Better Search Ranking.
  • Create landing pages which are responsive and fluid in design.
  • We optimize landing pages with fast download on all devices.
  • We provide AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Design.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much it costs?

Landing Page package starts from Rs. 5k. But in case you want it custom designed, the price for the same starts from Rs. 15k.

How much time does it take to make a landing page design?

Generally, it takes two-three days to make a landing page provided that the content, theme and design is chosen in advance due to compact content.

Can you redesign my existing landing page?

Yes, we can redesign your Landing page and give it a complete new look. It will definitely differ from your existing Landing Page as well as the competent Landing Pages.

Why should we choose to work with Cloudtimon?

Having designed hundreds of landing pages for our clients who have been running Ad Campaigns, Conversion Code Campaigns, etc. To support their marketing initiatives, we believe our experience and expertise speak volumes. There are hardly any companies in this particular location who have produced web pages and landing pages as much as Cloudtimon.

Will landing page be Mobile and SEO compatible?

Landing Page Designs at Cloudtimon come with a dual approach, mobile and desktop approach. This makes the page unique and slick. It is also SEO compatible so that it can get crawled by Google.

What is unique about a landing page design by Cloudtimon?

We have rich user interface, prominent Call To Action Button, rich content and copy writing skills and proper collaboration of JAVA effects with a proper design.

Does landing page have better conversion rate?

Yes, thanks to the prompt communication, Call To Action button and rich usage of infographics and images.

will you do content and copy writing for my landing page?

Yes, in case you want end-to-end solutions, we will completely take care of the design as well as the content of the Landing Page. However, the basic brief of the content should be provided by you so that it can be put in words on the Landing Page.