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E-commerce SEO Tips to Boost Your Store Traffic

E-commerce SEO Tips to Boost Your Store Traffic

Visibility on Google is one of the most critical elements of your e-commerce success. Nearly 70% of customers make their purchasing decision online, make sure it is a positive one. Your online presence is worthless if your store isn’t visible to the targeted customers. If you are seeking to improve your e-commerce website’s presence online,

then you can go through these E-commerce SEO important tips:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in e-commerce SEO campaigns. Ensuring the right keyword set is important to get a decent search volume and have conversion rates. But there is more to choosing keywords than looking for the competition.

Choosing the right keywords for your business involves knowing the buyer’s intent. You can use different keyword research tools to find the right keywords for your business.

Optimize Products Pages

Copying and pasting the descriptions from the products pages is not enough. You need to walk an extra mile to ensure well-engaging product descriptions.

A good product description should appeal to the needs of the audience and should be well optimized to rank online. Simple language, interactive and bullet points are crucial for creating content for your website.

Mobile experience

Most of the customers utilize mobile to make an online purchase. Therefore, you need to have a mobile-optimized store online. While creating a mobile-optimized e-commerce website page, ensure that you utilize the Privy for mobile and desktop.

Add Sitemap To Search Console

Well, many e-commerce platforms generate automatic site maps. It is also important to submit the site map to the search console. Your site map is a list of all the important parameters.

It ensures that your pages are visible to the crawlers for crawling and indexing. Submitting the site map is important to ensure you get found for the searches conducted in your industry.

Optimize the category pages

The category pages are equally important as the product pages and follow principles of unique and creative content. Here are few questions that you can utilize for your category pages:

  • Optimize the category titles for your keyword research
  • Optimize the meta descriptions
  • Add category H1 Tag
  • Include internal links with descriptions

Include images. Visuals in product description are vital to increase product sales. Include visuals throughout the category page. Adding a custom graphic header can further make the description more optimized for the search engine

Optimize the Reviews

The best way to attract new customers to your store is by optimizing the reviews. Reviews act as a strong force for multiplying new customers in your store. Almost 90% trust reviews as much as the personal recommendation from the family members.

Index only one version of your domain

To speak of the duplicate content, you need to make sure that there exists only one copy of the given page on the domain. Having an entire website duplicate is not something new to encounter.

By taking the necessary steps, you can ensure you have no duplicate pages on your site. You can crawl your site using Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Review Google Analytics Data, and searching Google Index of your site.

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