1. All customers/clients must send their questions, queries & assistance through email only. We accept only email not WhatsApp or SMS.
  2. When you’re sending support related queries, please send your website login details & hosting login details.
  3. Send your query in detailed manner in an email with attachments & documentation.
  4. Work with Developer or Supporting team closely until the work is finished.
  5. Please try to understand, We have big client list, We will try to finish or close your complaints within day.
  6. Don’t expect, it will complete immediately or quick. Our team of professional needs to understand your query.
  7. When you have any queries, Please call, When it is in busy, please send email or WhatsApp.
  8. Please avoid rude, fowl languages & behavior with Cloud Timon Management & Staff.


  1. When you want to start a new project, please fill the agreement form or sign on agreement form.
  2. We won’t accept new work order suddenly by call conversion or email.
  3. We want to serve you better way & quick way by emails, our Project Management Software & Chat System.
  4. Every client has to send their ideas, documents, pictures, videos or audios by emails only, not phone call conversation.
  5. Every client needs to pay 50% in Advance before commence or start the work.
  6. Cloud Timon expects clients should pay on-time.
  7.  Client should maintain peaceful conversion not with arguments, demands or commands.
  8. If any client fails to pay on-time, we have right to suspend account or contract.