False Reviews

Design Trio False Review Explanation


Design Trio approached us for Website design, We delivered it successfully in the year 2022. Now this year March 20, 2023, it was expired. We continuously informed them via email, phone, and WhatsApp. They said, we didn’t have sufficient money to make the payment, Can you, please reduce the payment? We listened to them and reduced the price and plan.

They paid after the domain name was suspended, We paid the server company that amount. And we also informed Design Trip of the same thing. But One fellow from Design Trio often called and sent texts, that we ate their money (₹ 4,800.00). We have given him multiple screenshots and other things about the situation. He didn’t listen and is now spreading gossip about us and writing negative reviews.

We have paid to the company, We are unable to return that amount. We tried to do good for them, but they have done bad things to us. If we have left that, their domain name would have taken someone, and the website got terminated.

Please don’t trust this kind of false allegation against CLOUDTIMON PRIVATE LIMITED.

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